• Join Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International

    Become a member of this highly unique, apostolic-prophetic scribal community where you can grow, learn and use your talents and giftings for the glory of God. Membership is free. Follow the link to complete the membership form and unite with us today as we continue to gather and build God's Sribal Army.

  • Immersion Mentoring and Intercessory Prayer

    Bi-Monthly, Voices of Christ hosts an evening of encouragement, intercession, prayer, instruction and prophecy for scribes world-wide. We pray for one another, and Father's scribal nation via teleconference call. Follow this link to gain access to the call.

  • April 2014 Prophetic Scribal Advance: For Prophetic Writers

    Are you in need of a writing sabbatical? Do you need time away with God and a time of refreshing in your call to scribal ministry? If so, then join us June 18-21, 2014 for The Prophetic Scribal Advance! Click here for details.

  • The Scribal Anointing® Book Series & CDs

    Would you like to go deeper in understanding your apostolic-prophetic call to scribal ministry? Take a few minutes to visit "MY SCRIBAL STORE" to explore our very unique, apostolic prophetic book series and audio teachings! Click here for more information.

  • The EZEKIEL 9 MANDATE Mentoring Intensive!

    This 6-WEEK Mentoring Session is designed specifically to help you uncover, unlock and strengthen The Scribal Anointing® in you. These sessions are personally taught by Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson. For more information, click the banner above.

  • The SIN of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels

    In this book, The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism, the author takes us on a journey through Father's heart to expose the agenda of the adversary in which some believers have fallen prey by stealing the ideas, visions and words of others and claiming them as their own. Learn what is the perfect and present will of the Father in the midst of this prevalent sin, and explore His perfect plan for restoration.

  • Resource Library for Prophetic Scribes

    This free resource database is compiled specifically for the Prophetic Scribe. It features a compilation of relevant writing, research, printing, publishing and marketing resource links from around the globe that provide quality information and resources (free of advertising and scams) to help you take your Holy Spirit inspired projects to the next level.

  • Chamber of the Scribe

    These are settings in which GOD MEETS US IN KAIROS and are excellent for for pastors, apostles, prophets or other leaders who are constantly pouring into God's people; but seldom get the opportunity to release, process or share their hearts in a SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL & HOLY SPIRIT led environment. Those who feed the sheep need release and healing before the Lord as well.

  • My DominionHouse

    DOMINIONHOUSE Publishing & Design offers quality, custom publishing products and design services catered exclusively to your needs at affordable prices. From concept to fulfillment, it is our commitment to work cooperatively with entrepreneurs, corporations, organizations, ministries, and authors, to creatively bring to life your vision. DOMINIONHOUSE is also committed to doing it with excellence!

  • Vision & Dreams Interpretation

    Participation is free. Login to the website using your unique username and password to share your dream or vision for interpretation or to have others interpret your dream. All dreams are prayed over, and posts are moderated. Click for more details.

  • Unveiling the Ministry SEALS of the Scribal Apostle & Prophet!

    This course, The Ministry of The Scribal Prophet, is designed to take SERIOUS prophetic scribes into the depths of God's heart concerning the intimate and unique administration of the office of the Scribal Apostle &Scribal Prophet. If you've ever wondered why, as an apostle or a prophet, you are compelled to operate scribally in the midst of your gifting MORE than any other area -- this course will answer those questions for you, affirm you in this unique call to ministry, and reveal why this level of ministry is REQUIRED Today.

  • Revealed International

    An empowerment and networking ministry for women. Tarsha Campbell, Visionary

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