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  • Voices of Christ Christ Literary Ministries International is a resting place for prophetic scribes, scribal prophets and worship arts ministers. We truly understand your journey and are here to stand with you.
  • Looking for a place to learn and grow in your identity as a prophetic scribe, scribal prophet and worship arts minister? Voices of Christ is that place.
  • Voices of Christ hosts a bi-monthly conference call where members can receive encouragement, prayer, instruction and dialogue in community. Log-in for details.

Want to learn more about your prophetic scribal gift? Are you exploring scribal ministry or interested in learning more about your calling as a scribal prophet walking under The Scribal Anointing? If so, we are here to help. Many of your questions can be answered through our blogs and scribal community. Plus, you can join us on our bi-monthly immersion calls and speak with us personally. There's nothing like learning from others whose experiences in God are very similar to yours. An account is needed to read some articles.

For over a 15 years, Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International has been a resting place for prophetic scribes, scribal prophets and worship arts leaders. We are not a writing group, but a full ministry dedicated to encouraging and maturing scribes. We provide a community of safety and understanding saturated in Holy Spirit that encourages individuality and facilitates spiritual growth, development and inner healing. VOC seeks to love God and love his people. LET US BE A RESTING PLACE FOR YOU.

Are you tired of searching the web for resources related to publishing, writing or bible study resources? Well, over the past decade we have compiled tons of resources that are quickly available to VOC MEMBERS - including lists of online vendors and best places to purchase resources for your next writers group meeting or event. We are also sharing lists of our premiere, hard-to-find academic resources for historically and spiritually studying the ministry of the prophetic scribe. ACCESS RESOURCES HERE.



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